An international Chinese and seafood restaurant with oriental modern design that creates a homey ambience to enjoy your breakfast,


Hong Kong style fast food restaurant opens for franchise is another great choice for those who expect fun and relaxing


Experienced Banquet Catering Semarang kitchen teams together with the professional banquet catering service team are ready to give their


A new pillarless ballroom with modern and futuristic design located in the heart of Semarang city is a perfect

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Let us make you feel special! Enjoy our special offer and daily promotion at all outlets of Holliday Group,

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What our Clients says

It’s the best Chinese restaurant in Semarang. Everytime we are in Semarang, we always go there either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Zahar Martia, Bandung - Holliday Restaurant

The good thing about this restaurant is the fact that they do a good job in maintaining their food quality over the time. I would still strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone who is looking for quality food while they are in Semarang.

Bambang S, Semarang - Holliday Restaurant

My 50th Birthday Party is over more than a week and people still talk about this event. Me and my guest had a fantastic time! Thank you for making my party so special.

Michael Woelfle, Semarang - Holliday Catering Co.