At Holliday Group; we gather many people with different backgrounds, skills and knowledge to build a solid and professional team to meet our goals. Our team is as below:

Vonny Tresno Santoso – CEO    
Graduating in 1997 in University of Las Vegas Nevada with a Bachelor of Science degree, in food and hotel manangement Vonny had a passion in food and beverage since she was young. She had her diploma degree in in Le bouveret, Switzerland, institute Hotelier Cesar Ritz as well for 2 years.Being trained abroad for more than 10 years had made her strong willed in managing the human resources in Indonesia especially in Central Java, in oder to train the tastebuds and lifestyles of the people.Vonny is passionate about F&B industry, especially in employing new ideas in restaurant and management. Her professional attitude insipires the team to have fun and excel.   Vonny_1
Yoyok Waluyo – Banquet & Catering Specialist    
Yoyok Has been in our team since 1990. As a part of our opening team he had followed the development of our group for 25 years. He knows well with the culture of the people in Central Java, hence making him one of the popular teams that customers looks for. He is well knowledge with the all and about from operations to banquet preparations, from the start till the end. Customers were well satisfied always.Yoyok’s passion for excellence and positive attitude has made him a pillar of strength and accountability since 1990. His gift of assessing a client’s needs and matching them with the right balance of food couture and service style ensures operations run smoothly to plan.   Yoyok
Merryke Natha Angela – Marketing Production & Development    
After graduated from Taylor’s University majoring Hotel Management, Merryke gathered her experiences in Banquet Department of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. She had joined our team since 2011 as Banquet Supervisor and hence promoted to be the Brand and Marketing Development in our group.Her wide knowledge and creativity make she loves to create innovation.She is also specialized in creating promotions ideas that suites all our outlets. Merryke is the one that connects the dot and ensures ideas and operations are efficiently executed. With her motto “Give the best in everything you do”, she enjoy her job a lot.   Fiona_1
Sri Wahyuni – Finance & Accounting Manager    
Being in our team for almost 10 years, have made Yuni an expert in managing the administration in the F&B industry. Graduated from the economic faculty majoring accounting in 2000, she starts joining our team in 2008, as an finance staff.Now she is responsible in handling all the online system that makes our company running in systems smoothly. She has proved to be a valuable asset to the company in making sure that all cost and administration in place. She love numbers and always has the motto “The Formula of A Success Are A Hardwork & Never Give Up”.   Puji_1
Mintarto – Operation Manager at DimDimSum & Jade Asian Kitchen    
Born in Grobogan, Central Java. Mintarto has been joining our team since 2001 as an operation manager at Bakmi Express and Viavo. Now he is an operation manager at Dim Dim Sum and Jade Asian Kitchen. He believes that people must be confident with themselves and he always has the motto “Be yourself and enjoy being yourself”.   Min
Iming Djawiria – Executive Chinese Chef    
Born in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, Iming loves to cook since he was little, due to his parent’s background as a professional chef. He starts working in the Restaurant business since he was 16 and slowly built his career from there.He has been all around most of the big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung gathering different kinds of experience inside the Chinese kitchen, thus knows very well the taste that suites customer well. He as well has a big passion for food and constantly creating new menus that follows trends. His vision is to lift the standards of culinary excellence in Indonesia.   Iming_1
Nartono – Executive Dimsum Chef    
Tono has been in the Dimsum industry for 19 years. The unique culinary art of dim sum is not a skilled that one can achieve in a short period of time. He starts at 1994 at a very young age learning about the art of Dimsum. He was lucky to be trained under Mr Lee Tan Yuen, a senior Dimsum specialist from Hong Kong, he also experienced different professional chef from Asia during his career.He was trusted to be the Sous Chef in the Dimsum division in 1996 in Marriott Hotel Surabaya.Since joining our team in 1998 he has made Holliday Dimsum the most happening Dimsum in town till now with more than 200 hundred varieties of Dimsum.He is a role model in our kitchen, loves challenges and his discipline commands respect and high standards in the kitchen   Nartono_1