At Holliday Group, we seek out the finest and most unique in everything we do, to create delicious food and memorable occasions.
Founded in 1990, we start from a small Chinese seafood restaurant. Dreaming big has made us what we become now.

Driven by our passion for food couture and an appetite for experimentation, we constantly developed our menu, as well evolving and exploring new tastes and ideas. Drawing inspiration from the spices and culture of Indonesia as well as global trends and flavors.

Our team of local and international specialists approach each project with a clean sheet and involve other local experts to bring each client’s vision to life.

The list of services that we do includes coordination and catering of weddings, making every clients events memorable, creating dreams events of every clients come true; either it’s thematic or solely upon clients requests.

We are also very serious in managing all the outlets under Holliday Group with the VISIONto achieve the reputation as one of the 10 best Food and Beverage companies in Indonesia, whilst binding the MISSIONfrom our experienced as an F&B company to provide quality products and delivers excellent services to our customers of making the best in everything we do and creating a solid team.

“Only The Best From Holliday” is our tagline and we constantly create and improve in taste, menu variety, management, and customer excellent service in order to create a different experience every time our customer dine at the outlets of Holliday Group.